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What Windows 7 End of Life (EOL) Means for Your Water Jet Cutting System

When people think of water jet cutting systems, they rarely think much of the software that runs them – and even less so of the operating system that software is running on. However, this software is critical not only to the safe operation of ...

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9 Easy Steps to Prevent Water Jet Abrasive Clogs

If you’re in an industry using water jet cutting machines you know how important proper machine maintenance is. You know that up-time is crucial to productivity and profitability and how devastating downtime can be. This is especially true with ...

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How to Mitigate the Environmental Impact of a Water Jet Cutting System

There’s no getting around it, operating a water jet cutting system requires a large amount of water. If you’re using an abrasive water jet system, you’re mixing water and abrasive – a process that produces a wastewater by-product. Disposal of ...

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What Factors into the Price of a Water Jet Cutting System?

If you’re in the market for a new or used water jet cutting system, then we don’t have to tell you how expensive these machines are. Water jet cutting systems are complex machines with high powered pumps, automated cutting heads, lots of moving ...

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Why Should I Use an Abrasive Water Jet Machine to Cut My Steel?

Updated 7-29-21

Steel comes in a lot of shapes and sizes – coiled, flat, bar, plate, tube and more. The common element of each of these is they require some kind of “cutting to shape” for customers. Slitting lines are used to slit the coil to ...

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