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Water Jet Machines Our Internet Guide to All Things Water Jet Cutting

There is a lot of information on the web about water jet cutting systems, their applications, and the companies/brands that serve the industry. However, it's hard to know what to trust. What's accurate? What sources contain accurate information? 

In response to these questions, we at Jet Edge have curated a link list that serves as a guide to all things water jet cutting - organized by the topics that we get the most questions about. Whether you're new to Jet Edge or a long-time customer, this guide is for you. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Some of the links in this guide are links to Jet Edge resources. This is done with the simple intention of providing as much educational content to our readers and site visitors as possible.


Water Treatment and Quality

  1. Water Quality Technology (jetedgewaterjets.com)
  2. Water Quality and Impact (jetedgewaterjets.com)
  3. Water Filter Replacement (jetedgewaterjets.com)
  4. Water Quality (waterjets.org)


Tips and Guides on Cutting Different Materials

  1. Yeah You Can Cut that with Water (jetedgewaterjets.com)
  2. Cutting Stone with Waterjet Systems (jetedgewaterjets.com)
  3. Cutting Metals and Alloys (jetedgewaterjets.com)
  4. Cutting Glass with Water jet systems (jetedgewaterjets.com)
  5. Cutting Foam with Water Jet Systems (jetedgewaterjets.com)
  6. Common Uses for Waterjet Cutting (icscuts.com)
  7. Materials (waterjets.org)


5-Axis Cutting

  1. 5-Axis Water Jet Cutting (jetedgewaterjets.com)
  2. The Advantages of 5-Axis Cutting Systems (jetedgewaterjets.com)
  3. Tilting the Cutting Head (waterjets.org)
  4. Benefits of a 5-Axis Waterjet Cutting Machine (icscuts.com)
  5. The Advantages and Capabilities of the 5-Axis Waterjet Cutting System
    1. https://www.azom.com/article.aspx?ArticleID=13846
    2. Outstanding thought article by AZO materials on an applications of 5-axis cutting for Jaquet


Abrasive Water Jet Cutting

  1. How to Choose the Right Garnet for Abrasive Cutting (jetedgewaterjets.com)
  2. How to Maximize Abrasive Cutting Productivity (jetedgewaterjets.com)
  3. An Introduction to 3-Axis and Abrasive Cutting (jetedgewaterjets.com)
  4. Abrasive vs Pure Waterjet Cutting
  5. Abrasives


Water Jet System Maintenance

  1. Jet Edge Video and Blog Series on Maintenance (jetedgewaterjets.com)
    1. The following links are links to Jet Edge’s series of blogs and videos on maintaining specific parts of your water jet system:
    2. Tips to Preventing Abrasive Clogs (jetedgewaterjets.com)
    3. Visual Management and Predictive Maintenance (jetedgewaterjets.com)
    4. 10 Tips for Waterjet Preventative Maintenance (aquajet.co.uk)
    5. Tips for Maintaining Your Waterjet System (waterjets.org)

Pumps and Pump Technology

  1. Intensifier vs Direct Drive
  2. Eliminate Hydraulic Pressure Spikes
  3. Choosing a Pump


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